Press Clipping

James Blake and generative music app Endel have released a new project called Wind Down, designed for Apple TV, with an “adaptive soundscape [that] aims to redefine the bedtime ritual by focusing on the two hours prior to falling asleep”.

Blake has provided the stems for the project, which uses the findings of Dr Roy Raymann of SleepScore Labs to “activate the parasympathetic nervous system, triggering the body into a restful state and preparing the mind for sleep.” The idea is that you start to use the app on your screen two hours before sleep and Endel’s generative music tech combined with their scientific findings that are baked into the app, and it’ll help your mind unwind.

“The two hours before you go to bed and attempt to fall asleep are so important to your overall rest,” says Endel CEO Oleg Stavitsky. “You need to let go of the day and shift to a different mental and physical state. To enable this, we included certain tones and scales in Wind Down that help activate the parasympathetic nervous system. The body usually does this naturally, but sometimes we need extra encouragement to get there.”

Endel had previously collaborated with artists like Richie Hawtin and Grimes, who created soundscapes to help the mind focus and to help babies fall asleep.

While Wind Down is only available on Apple TV, the Endel app is available now for iOS, macOS, Android and smart speakers like Alexa. Find out more here. Though you'll need a subscription for the full, adaptive and personalised version of Endel, you can experience an hour of Wind Down in the YouTube video below.

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