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James Blake Releases Dreamy New Soundscape “Wind Down”

English songwriter and singer James Blake has dedicated an hour long track titled “Wind Down” for Endel. According to Stereogum, Endel is a website that makes personalized soundscapes for relaxation, studying and sleeping. Once listening closely, fans can hear sounds of gentle river streams that blend with Blake’s voice.

Generously, Blake delivers stunning vocals throughout the soundscape that echo along the harmonizing piano in the background. The video itself illustrates soundwaves that smoothly take shape, completely drawing the viewer into ease, along with the shapes of clouds and ocean waves in the obsidian black background. The video is a combination of the essential needs for anyone during the Covid pandemic.

Though no direct lyrics are heard from Blake himself, video demonstrates the sincere kindness and generosity that the singer has for his fans and those who are stressed and or need sleep.

Endel features a mobile app, but are still applicable to desktop users. From the get-go, Endel asks the user how they would like to get started, followed by a list of choices: focus on tasks, improve your sleep or soothe your mind. Each section is calculated to perform the right instrumentals. Endel comes with a seven day free trial period. After, you can get a years worth of unlimited Endel access for $59.99.

The artist has been tremendously active the previous year. Blake’s last album, Friends that Break Your Heart was released October 8. Following, Blake has also released his third single “Famous Last Words”, which was recently created into a music video of November 2021.