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AI music startup Endel teams up with artist James Blake

Artist James Blake had a new track featured on Apple Music’s homepage last week, and there’s an interesting story behind it. ‘Wind Down‘ is billed as an “Endel Soundscape”, reflecting its status as a collaboration with AI-music startup Endel.

Blake is the latest artist to work with the company, following Grimes and Plastikman (the latter of whom talked to Music Ally about the partnership.) The James Blake track is being released through Endel’s various apps too: iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa and through its latest release, an Apple TV app.

It’s also part of a bigger push by Endel to release music made through pairing its AI with human artists. The company is preparing to release five “artist-driven album drops” under the brand ‘The Dream Series’, with the albums from anaiis, Anna, monte booker, Dmitri Evgrafov and Facesoul to be released through global streaming services.