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23 Best Wellness Apps To Keep You Fit in 2022

Health and wellness are the two most important aspects of our life. As you must’ve heard the saying, ‘health is wealth.’ We must know and admit that the priority in our life must be our health.

Without good health and proper wellness, no matter how rich and successful you are, you will always feel a void in your inner self, like something is incomplete.

To fill that void, we need harmony between our body and soul. When we talk about wellness and health, it includes two things: mental wellness and physical wellness. Mental wellness is as essential as our physical wellness, harmony between the mind and body makes a complete human being.

This current scenario that we live in is entirely contrary to the ideal environment in which we are supposed to live. Mental pressure, difficulty in sleeping, stress, depression is taking a toll on our lives. Nowadays, mental peace is negligible.

To find an escape from the mental stress, we turn our attention to eating fast foods, which end up affecting our physical health too.

A majority of people indeed use junk or fast food as a medium of escape from the mental situation that they are in. Apart from them, some are just habitual of eating fast foods.

Working out is an essential part of keeping ourselves sound and healthy. We must have a daily routine for workouts and a diet plan. This is the least we can do to keep ourselves in shape. It is where these apps will come in handy, which we are just going to discuss.

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Why are Wellness apps necessary?🤷‍♂️
We are surrounded by technology. The primary way we interact with technology is through mobile phones. They are very productive pieces of tech, but they can be the most distracting and unproductive product at times also.

We are providing a brief list of apps that work on your smartphones so that you can channel your energy into making yourself productive and fit at the same time.

We spend most of our time on our smartphones, and to be honest, it is somewhat justified also. People with jobs require to do most of their work online, and smartphones are the best way of socializing and interacting.

These are the apps that keep track of your daily routine, sleep, diet, calories burned, etc. they are very customizable according to your needs and can help you lead a better life.

Best Wellness Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌
1. NOOM: Stop dieting. Get life-long results
Noom is amongst the most popular and well-organized dietary-related wellness apps. It studies the psychology of the user and gives plans and routines based on the research and data based on the millions of other users.

What is Noom?
It focuses on changing people’s behavior rather than restricting them to follow a strict diet plan that has its very own disadvantages. This app is also recommended by professionals like personal trainers and behavioral scientists.

When you first enter the app or its website, Noom will ask you a bunch of questions like a survey and based on your answers, Noom provides you with the best possible diet plan and routine. Keep in mind that it is paid.

You have to take a subscription to the app in order to receive your program, but it is worth it.

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2. Headspace: Meditation and Sleep Made Simple
Headspace is a meditation app that helps people relieve stress from their daily lives and helps them sleep better. Its users and subscribers claim that listening to this app makes them instantly calm and results in better attention-giving spans.

Get Moving Mindfully with Headspace
This app focuses on meditation and its benefits, like living your day happier and having a good sleep cycle. If you’re struggling mentally, which causes an adverse effect in your life, then headspace can help you improve your quality of life drastically.

Headspace is also a paid service, but they offer very frequent sales so that you can get the help you need without making a dent in your pocket. It has pre-recorded audio in sessions sequentially so that you can listen to it anytime.

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3. My Possible Self
My Possible Self mainly focuses on mental health. If mental health is your concern, this is the app that can help you sort things out.

It has a function called ‘moments.’ As you know, anxiety and stress are the primary concern of people with mental health conditions. Generally, anxiety and fear have triggers like changes in your behavior, bad sleep cycle, work overload, etc.

My Possible Self app preview
This app helps you manage all this by self-help modules that help you tackle stress, anxiety, and fear. You can keep track of all the related things related to stress, overload, and worry and significantly improve your mental health.

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4. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner
8fit is a renowned name in the fitness industry. It is a nutrition and fitness companion app that helps you find beneficial ways to work out and plan your routine with personalized diet plans. This app allows you to keep track of your workout, diet, and progress made in one place.

Best Wellness Apps
It is a custom home workout app oriented for people who don’t go to the gym and prefer to work out independently.

You can create a plan with a nutritious meal that helps in the speedy progress of your physical body. It also includes sleep meditations and full-body health exercises promising in the overall growth of your physical and mental health.

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5. Streaks: The habit-forming to-do list
Streak is a different category of app that we can use to form a daily to-do list. This to-do list can include good habits that we need to perform on a daily basis and reward ourselves.

With the help of the streaks app, you can create up to 12 daily tasks that you want to retain in your daily schedule.

Best Wellness Apps 1

You can customize this app to its very extent. You can set different tasks for different days of the week and so on. Your self-control is an essential requirement for this app to be beneficial for you; otherwise, making to-do lists will contribute nothing to making you a better person, whether physically or mentally.

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6. Flipd: Focus & Study Timer
You ever come to a self-realization that you’re spending too much time on your smartphones that is both unhealthy and unproductive. If the answer is yes, then this app is mainly for people like you.

Flipd teaches your mind to refocus on the activities that you’ve done in the past that are harmful.

Best Wellness Apps 2
This app helps you in several ways to stay focused and spend your time in productive fields. It encourages the fact that you need a break from the smartphone world. It also has a feature that lets you block some of the most time-consuming apps that keeps you away from finishing up your essential tasks and makes you distracted from your actual goal. This app can make you very productive, which in turn will make you better at well-being.

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7. MindBody: Home Workout & Fitness App
As the name suggests, this app can be the primary source of your physical and mental wellness services in your area or community.

It helps you book appointments related to your wellness and fitness. It generally helps its customers to find health, beauty, wellness-related health businesses nearest you in just a tap of your finger.

23 Best Wellness Apps To Keep You Fit in 2022

You just have to type your zip code or the current address and leave the rest on Mindbody. It will find the best place related to your demand or requirement.

Mindbody also runs virtual fitness classes online where you can learn health tips from professionals. You can also pair this app to the Fitbit device to keep accurate track of your progress during workouts or exercise routines.

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8. Sleep Cycle: Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock
With the fast-track life cycle, we are living in a complete rush with unbearable stress. It affects our sleep directly. Sleep is amongst the most crucial aspects of living a healthy life.

Best Wellness Apps 4

If we don’t have a good sleep schedule and we aren’t sleeping well enough, then our body doesn’t get proper rest, and if we don’t get adequate rest, then it slows down our metabolism, and we feel tired all the time, which adds up to more stress and depression in life.

That is why having a good sleep schedule is a must. Sometimes we cannot sleep due to workload or anxiety. No matter how tired you are, you just can’t sleep.

It can turn into a horrible situation. To tackle this problem, the app Sleep Cycle comes in very handy. This app takes proper track of your sleep and helps you sleep on time, and wakes you up at an adequate time.

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9. Hastens Restore
This app is also designed to focus on your sleep and wake-up schedule. Hastens Restore app is different from the other apps as it contains a wide variety of audio soundtracks that helps you sleep well.

This app was designed by the mathematician and physician Dr. Jussi. He developed the app based on sliding resonance frequency technology.

It is an app designed to make you fall asleep with different types of noises and music aimed to wake you up, keep you focused, make you relax, and help you fall asleep. This app takes a clinical approach based on heavy research behind the sounds present in this app.

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10. LifeSum: Healthy Recipes, Food Diary & Diet Plan
A big part of your health depends upon the type of diet intake you acquire. Calories intake is the most prominent aspect of making an impactful diet plan. Lifesum helps you to keep track of your calories intake based on your diet plan.

23 Best Wellness Apps To Keep You Fit in 2022
This app also provides you with 1000+ healthy recipes that you can follow in order to control your calories intake. This app can be used as a go-to virtual meal and diet planner.

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11. Runkeeper – Distance Run Tracker
As the name suggests, this app keeps all your track records of how much you have run and at which pace. If you prefer running and tracking, this app might become very handy to use to have data on how many miles or kilometers you’ve racked up.

Best Wellness Apps 6
This app also includes personalized training schedules to help reach your aspired goal in a given time period. Whether you are running outside or on a treadmill, RunKeeper keeps all your stats in one place.

You can compare these stats to your previous stats to see how much you’ve improved over time. You can also connect your friends or family member accounts to keep track of them also.

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12. SworKit Fitness – Workouts & Exercise Plans App
Sworkit allows you to get access to free workout videos and training routines by professionals that you can watch anywhere and start working out as soon as possible.

Sworkit has numerous workout options that range from slow and steady workouts to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) routines.

Sworkit is the Fitness Perfect Solution
From instantaneous abs sequence to full-body workout, Sworkit has it all sorted out. This app is like having your own personal trainer on the go.

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13. Apple Health
Apple Health app might not be accessible to everyone as it is only available on the IOS platform. So, if you own an iPhone, you have to go nowhere to download an extra app to keep track of your workout and health. It syncs up easily with most wearable devices.

Get to know the Health app on your iPhone - Apple Support
It also keeps track of the number of steps you’ve traveled in a day and resting energy independently without any use of wearables. The number of calories burned due to workout, standing hours, exercise minutes, and all the other related databases are stored in one place, which can be accessed easily.

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14. WW (Weight Watchers)
Weight Watcher is a unique app and a unique approach to keep track of your meals. It serves the purpose of making you healthier by recommending nutritious food choices.

What makes it different from the other apps is that you can scan a food item or enter the food item, and it will tell you ratings of that particular food on the WW scale. From there you can decide whether it is an excellent option to eat that food or not.

App 1080 x 1920 UK
Weight Watchers app can also be synced to different wearables like Fitbit to make an accurate assumption of calories intake and out. Also, if you’re a member of the WW community, you can get access to recipes and social networks for extra care and support.

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15. Endel: Focus, Sleep, Relax
Endel is a relaxation app similar to the Hastens Restore, but instead of playing the pre-stored soundtracks, it allows the users to create their own kind of sound therapy that solely depends on their taste likeness.

23 Best Wellness Apps To Keep You Fit in 2022
This factor offers a lot of room for customization according to user preference, whether they want to relax or sleep. You can opt for this app if it appeals to your liking or taste.

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16. MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter
Myfitnesspal is amongst the most popular fitness apps in its category. This app is known chiefly for food tracking.

You can lose weight by tracking your food and calorie intake and form a pitch-perfect plan to work on a daily basis. It has a free online calorie tracker and food analyzer.

23 Best Wellness Apps To Keep You Fit in 2022
Along with food planning, it also has all the basic requirements one needs from a fitness app like a workout tracker. It can also be connected to wearable devices very quickly for more accurate results.

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17. Meditopia: Sleep, Meditation, Breathing
Meditopia is one of the best meditation apps in existence. As we know, meditation is one of the most prominent factors in building relationships, acquiring peace of mind, increasing physical health, and overall developing character and body.

Best Wellness Apps 9
This app works on sessions like morning sessions where the meditation is designed to give us a positive mindset the moment you step outside of your bed. You can just meditate for just 10 minutes in a day and will still see some fruitful results.

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18. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax
Calm is rated as the happiest app in the world. It comes under the category of relaxation apps which help us reduce anxiety and stress levels. If you want to sleep well and without worry, this is the app that you can opt for.

Best Wellness Apps 10
This app contains guided meditations that aim to give positive vibes to its listeners. It can last from 5-25 minutes. Apart from meditation, it also has an entire body program that includes body stretching. It also has breathing programs that help you to unwind and breathe better.

The most famous program of calm is the 10 minutes program which we can do to start our day if you have trouble falling asleep, then it also has sleep stories to offer, which you can listen to while trying to sleep.

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19. Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes
Yoga is one of the most effective ways to change ourselves into entirely different people. Yoga has effects on the mind, body, and soul of a human being. The Yoga Studio offers you a complete guide of yoga with over 180 different videos of high quality.

Yoga Studio Android App Preview
This app also includes meditation and relaxation practices. You can download the classes or videos offline if you perform yoga on a daily basis. You can see yourself slowly transform towards a better direction for yourself.

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20. Plant Nanny – fun water tracker and reminder
Plant Nanny is probably the funniest app on our list. It is actually a game where you grow a baby plant to make it into an adult just by intaking water in real life. As we all know, drinking water is a necessity for all of us. But we all slack off in drinking water.

Plant Nanny 2 - Your Adorable Water Reminder
Drinking plenty of water is very beneficial and healthy for us. And this app just helps us to do that entertainingly and uniquely. It can definitely boost our physical wellness if we play the game correctly. It is like a simulator game.

The more water you drink, the more this plant grows. By doing this, you can increase your water intake, which will benefit you physically while having fun too.

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21. Freeletics
Freeletics offers a quick and efficient way of workout. Suppose you are a very busy person and don’t have time to focus on your health and work out.

This app can help you in so many ways. It mainly focuses on bodyweight exercises such as squats, burpees, push-ups, HIIT, and sit-ups that can be performed anywhere without the need for any equipment.

There are two versions of this app, one is paid, which offers some essential exercise of all kinds, but the free content is very limited. If you pay for the paid version of this app, it becomes a one-time stop for anyone as it offers tons of exercises with a training coach that can be performed anywhere.

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22. WakeOut
This is an app developed for those people who don’t have enough time to focus on workout routines. Either they are very busy or extremely lazy. As we know, the exercises we perform are suitable for both our mental and physical health.

Best Wellness Apps 11
Wakeout offers nearly 300 free exercises that are designed as a quick burst that can be performed in 30 seconds or more. You don’t even require any particular place to accomplish it.

You can just perform these short exercises from where you are. These short exercises are very helpful and calorie burning, which saves a lot of precious time but gives good results in the long term.

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23. WOOP
Woop is a very underrated app because it offers something entirely different that none of the apps offers. It stands for wish, outcome, obstacle, plan. This app uses a scientific approach for your goal setting.

Basically, you set up a goal for yourself and try to take mindful steps to perform it step by step. You can list the positive outcomes of your goals and the obstacles you faced while approaching them.

What is WOOP?
It believes that if you really set up a realistic goal which you’re trying to achieve. Then you can truly achieve it by following simple steps towards it one by one.

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✅Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are Wellness apps and their purpose?
A fitness app is an app that you can download on your smartphone, and it serves only one purpose, to make you healthier, happier. These apps assist you by providing content on physical exercises and lifestyle changes like diet plans etc.

These apps can also help you find peace of mind by reducing your stress, anxiety with the help of meditations or audio soundtracks.

2. Is it safe to use wellness apps?
Wellness apps are generally safe to use, but if you are new to exercise regimens or joining an entirely new program, you must be familiar with its basics, as they can be rigorous at times. And if you are not performing those exercises correctly, they can have the opposite effects you hoped for.

3. What features look in an ideal wellness app?
These apps must include exercise routines, sleep, medications, and an activity or routine tracker to track all of our activities throughout the day. The app should also be compatible with wearable devices for accurate results.

4. Should you pay for wellness apps?
If you think the app is worth it and fulfills all your requirements, you can pay for it as these wellness apps can definitely replace going to an actual gym. As most of the workout and meditation plans do require any sort of equipment to perform.

While some of the apps offer their content for free, some charge a reasonable amount for it. If you have the allowances or budget to pay for it, you can pay for the wellness apps as it would be an investment in ourselves.

5. Which is the best overall fitness and wellness app?
See, the thing is that there are no worst or best wellness apps. Each app has something different to offer. It entirely depends on you which app you like the best. The app which appeals to your interest is the one you can choose as your primary go-to wellness app.

Final Verdict
In this article, we’ve discussed the best wellness apps that are in existence. It ranges from full-fledged exercises to apps that have audio soundtracks that help you reduce stress and better sleep.

Even if you are slightly struggling due to your mental or physical health, you have tons of options to choose from that will benefit both mind and body.

But just downloading and paying for those apps won’t do anything good for you until and unless you take care of yourself and follow the schedule and exercise shown in the apps. You need a proper level of commitment and determination to achieve your desired goal.

These apps can just show you a path to follow. To walk and succeed on that path depends on your hard work and determination. Giving up is not an option. You have to fight till the very end in order to achieve that goal of yours which you’ve dreamt about from the very beginning.

We hope that this article helped with what you were looking for. Remember, your destiny is in your hands, and you have to live up to the expectations that you’ve assumed for yourself—best of luck with your future adventures.