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James Blake: Together with Endel it creates a soundscape that helps to fall asleep

James Blake has released a new project called 'Wind Down' with music app Endel. The goal is to create a soundscape that better prepares the mind for sleep.

In order to quickly fall into the land of dreams, a relaxed physical and mental state is recommended. Music can help get you in the right mood. The music should have a calming effect and lower the heart rate. This is exactly the goal that the team behind the relaxation app Endel has set itself. The app is equipped with a system that can generate personalized soundscapes. Depending on the time of day, weather, location and heart rate, suitable music is played for the listeners. This should help to focus, relax or fall asleep better. James Blake was brought on board for the latter application.

The "Wind Down" project is intended to help you fall asleep and is based on the findings of Dr. Roy Rayman of SleepScore Labs. The aim is to "activate the parasympathetic nervous system, put the body into a state of rest and prepare the mind for sleep". The app is intended to be used two hours before falling asleep to help users "move gently towards sleep".

Endel CEO Oleg Stavitsky also emphasizes how important the time before bed is: "The two hours before you go to bed and try to fall asleep are so important for your overall recovery. You have to leave the day behind and into another mental one and physical condition. To enable this, we included certain tones and scales in Wind Down that activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Normally the body does this naturally, but sometimes we need an extra encouragement to get there".

An hour of dreamy sounds to relax you in
James Blake describes the music as "an hour-long experience featuring new vocals by James Black, processed by Endel AI". The music is full of dreamy melodies, atmospheric synth sounds and calm piano inputs. Music can also be useful outside of work and reduce stress.

While the Wind Down project is only available on Apple TV, the Endel app is also available for iOS, macOS, Android and Alexa. However, a subscription is required for the complete and personalized version of Endel. However, an hour of "Wind Down" is freely accessible via this YouTube video. More information about Endel can be found on the official website of the app.