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5 Hot Productivity Apps Right now

The newest and most exciting entries in the productivity space
Discover the best and brightest in the productivity world right now for March 2022 and explore which apps are making waves.

🌎 The world is adding productivity apps at a rate of knots
One of my biggest recommendations is to do your research, evulate whetehr you need one of these apps before committing to them. This is something we endorse at Keep Productive and something I personally recommend.

OUR NEW PROJECT — 🍱 Bento: Do Less
Before we begin, we launched an app — and whilst I don’t want to add it to the official list of hot productivity apps below, I wanted to highlight it here.

Bento is a new mindful approach to tasks — by doing less, but more meaningful work. We built this to help address prioritisation issues.

1. Reflect — Roam-like Note-Taking
In a world of connected notes, Reflect wants to be your hub for everything notes and connecting ideas. Much like Roam Research, it offers bi-directional linking whilst offering E2E encryption, offline and an iOS app out of the box.
Starting at $15 per month, this is one of the most hyped note-taking experiences developed by the folks at Clearbit.
2. Kairn — Connecting Your Apps
Presenting a different take on productivity for individuals and teams, Kairn hit the Top Product of the Day last month on Product Hunt.

Offering a new way to capture tasks, connect services like Notion and prioritise your tasks from other services.
They believe in re-gaining control — and from first glance, the app looks like something it’ll take time to get used to, but overall and interesting and healthier way to bring everything together in one tool.

3. Qatalog — Tile-Based Projects
Much like Kairn, Qatalog believes in centralisation.

Although Qatalog goes against the grain — compared to tools like Notion and Coda by offering pre-built tools inside their service and a much more dashboard-focused business approach.

That balance between ClickUp and Notion is a really interesting approach and something I think has legs going into a world that focuses more on artificial intelligence productivity platforms.

4. Mem X — AI Based Notes
Speaking AI…

Mem is one of the most exciting note-takers out there. For me, I’ve been in the beta for many months now and excited to see this now rollout for everyone.
Mem have introduced Mem X — a new technology that right now allows AI to populate similar mems (notes) to what you’re working on. The other feature offers “smart search” — allowing you to search a natural language phrase and Mem to know what you’re on about — eg. “What’s my National Insurance no?”

Mem X is one of the most exciting new elements of note-taking apps in the global market and I think this could well change our mindset on notes.

5. Endel — Adaptive Soundscapes
Music can play a fundamental part in many people’s work days

Endel hasn’t just relied on their basic soundscapes, they’ve partnered with many individuals like recently with James Blake, to offer a “Wind Down” experience for people to settle before bedtime.
The many offerings and new soundscapes they have are all designed around data — like your circadian rhythm, location, weather and health data — an insightful, more data led approach to optimising your sound around your highs and lows of energy.