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James Blake releases new ambient album 'Wind Down' to help us sleep better

James Blake has unveiled his new ambient album, which was created with the intention of supporting healthy sleep to listeners.

Wind Down is the latest project from James Blake, and is thought to be the first functional music album constructed using AI technology.

It was crafted in collaboration with sound wellness company Endel, using AI tech and sounds used in its apps.

“The Wind Down soundscape I created with Endel lets me explore the more ambient side of my music and create a project to support people in a new way,” James Blake said.

“It’s mesmerising to hear how my music blends with the science-based sounds of Endel’s AI and I think we’ve invented something not just beautiful or even meaningful, but truly practical.”

Co-founder and CEO of Endel Oleg Stavitsky added: “Artists are learning that there are new tech- and science-enabled formats for expressing their creativity, new ways to engage listeners and play a role in their lives.

"They can draw on their same sounds and ideas to make a variety of experiences, and Endel’s functional sound can serve specific wellness and mental health purposes, enhancing focus, relaxation, and sleep.”

Wind Down features 15 soundscapes, and was inspired by the science of sound and sleep. The album shifts gradually from daytime activities to calm nighttime.

This isn't the first time James Blake has focused on calm for his music. In 2019, he wrote 'Lullaby For My Insomniac', a song for people who suffer from sleep problems.

In 2020, he wrote a “secret” ambient album that won support from the godfather of the genre, Brian Eno.