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Let Kx5 Drift You To Sleep With A New Playlist Featuring “Escape” (Bedtime Version)

The team at Amazon Music and sleep time experts Endel have come together to create a relaxing playlist featuring the “Bedtime Version” of Kx5‘s viral track “Escape.”

The mix opens with the rework, produced using stems from “Escape” where the synths and chill vocals, were processed by Endel systems.

The rest of the computer-generated, eight-hour playlist was expertly curated by AI apps to create a high-quality, relaxing soundscape activating the parasympathetic nervous system and getting the listener ready for sleep.

It’s a dreamy, ethereal edit, adding an element of mystery to the already intense and passionate song.

Endel is a sound wellness company in Berlin that creates personalized soundscapes to help people focus, relax, and sleep. The technology takes inputs from the user’s movement, time of day, weather, heart rate, location, and other factors to use AI to generate a soundscape that adapts to changes in real time.

And maybe the track will be available on Kx5’s debut album Kx5 out on March 17, 2023.