Press Clipping

Universal Music Group has opened the door for its artists to help people relax and even go to sleep.

UMG has struck a deal with AI sound-wellness company Endel to enable artists and labels to create soundscapes using the company's technology to enhance wellness. Endel had already collaborated with Miguel, Grimes and Republic Records’ James Blake, whose ambient “Wind Down” was released in May 2022.

Said UMG EVP/Chief Digital Officer Michael Nash, “We believe in the potential of ethical AI to support and enhance the creativity of our artists, labels and songwriters, something Endel has harnessed with impressive ingenuity and scientific innovation. We're excited to work together and utilize their AI technology, which respects artists’ rights.”

Endel’s soundscapes are designed to enhance sleep and focus via artist-provided stems to create soundscapes driven by scientific insights into how music affects our state of mind. They also provide artists with opportunities to expand their work into new areas and generate revenue from their catalogs.

Endel CEO Oleg Stavitsky said, “Endel allows companies like UMG to draw on the astounding capabilities of AI and functional music while respecting their artists’ rights. In that sense, it acts more as a collaborator than a tool, enabling creators to satisfy a real market need for music that supports well-being.”

Well-being support at the HITS office has always been limited to bong hits and PBR on tap.