Press Clipping
Universal Music Group enters deal with AI music company Endel

By Carl Smith
Universal Music Group has signed a deal with German artificial intelligence music company Endel, in a partnership which aims to unlock the 'incredible potential of ethical AI' in support of its artists output.

Though, while there is much talk of AI's influence upon the music industry and artistic integrity, the partnership has not been struck in a bid to create the pop hits of the future.

Rather, Endel aims to help listeners to 'focus, relax and sleep' with its 'personalised soundscapes backed by neuroscience.' The likes of James Blake and Grimes, with James creating 2022's Wind Down Soundscape record with the company and Grimes collaborating on a track called AI Lullaby with the giant.

According to Endel's official manifesto, the company is 'designed to enhance our natural capabilities, create a private environment to reduce stress, and help us be more present and involved without even having to meditate.'

Speaking on Universal Music Group's partnership with Endel, UMG's executive vice president and chief digital officer Michael Nash details the "incredible potential of ethical AI as a tool to support and enhance the creativity of our artists, labels and songwriters," adding that Endel's output is "designed to enhance audience wellness."

Endel's chief executive officer Oleg Stavitsky explains: "Our goal was always to help people focus, relax, and sleep with the power of sound. AI is the perfect tool for this."