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Universal Music Group Signs Deal With AI Startup Endel

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the scarily rapid growth of artificial intelligence so far , it’s that music and art are not immune to its effects. Earlier this year, anonymous social media producer, ghostwriter, broke the internet with their AI-generated song “Heart On My Sleeve.”

One of the primary establishments leading the charge against AI-generated music has been Universal Music Group. Much debate has surrounded the validity of AI-generated music but even the biggest labels knew they would have to eventually adapt to the times. Now, Universal Music Group has completely 180’d and signed a deal with artificial intelligence startup, Endel, to help artists create AI music.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:“UMG has signed a deal with sound wellness company Endel to enable its roster of artists to use proprietary AI technology to create mood music soundscapes for daily activities like sleep and relaxation. The partnership will aim to respect creators’ rights as UMG gets set to roll out the first wave of soundscapes under the new agreement.”Another major label, Warner Music Group, has also indicated a desire to use AI technologies, citing the importance of using it properly amid copyright disputes. While AI may seem like a threat to some, there’s no denying its quickly growing place in the music industry. Even the music industry’s leading labels will have to overcome these growing obstacles as we navigate uncharted waters.