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Universal Music Group partners with AI firm Endel

The biggest music company in the world, Universal Music Group, has partnered with the AI company Endel to help artists create AI-powered music.

The artists from Republic and Interscope Records, according to the firms, are already working on tracks that will be released in the coming months.

Endel specializes in what is referred to as "functional music"—aural cues created for more passive listening, such as elevator music, sleep music, and meditation music. In other words, it is called "background music."

"Endel makes these tracks by taking stems that artists provide and morphing them into perpetually-changing songs that fit a listener's desired feeling or vibe. Artists including James Blake and Grimes have used Endel in the past to make their own ambient tracks," said Rolling Stones.

It's UMG's first relationship of this kind, which is noteworthy given the company's previous pronouncements to the public urging caution in the industry's use of AI.

AI and the music industry
Just like any other industry, the music world has also made a rapid entrance to artificial intelligence solutions. Spotify is one of the first and biggest music streaming platforms to implement AI-powered features.

Spotify says that its head of cultural collaborations, Xavier "X" Jernigan, was the inspiration for the AI DJ's distinctive voice. Users can anticipate hearing information about impending music releases, such as Arlo Parks' eagerly awaited album "My Soft Machine," which is scheduled to be released by the end of the month, when they tune into the DJ function, for example.

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Recently, everyone on the internet has been talking about AI-made songs of famous artists like Drake and The Weeknd. The songs were taken due to copyright concerns, but many people saw that what artificial intelligence can do is almost magical.

Universal Music Group is the biggest company in the industry, and even they are expanding more into artificial intelligence. More AI-powered features and partnerships are expected to hit the surface in the upcoming days.