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AI Music Just Got Signed By A Major Music Label

Major music companies are beginning to embrace AI music. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Music Group has signed a deal with sound wellness company Endel that allows artists to use proprietary AI technology to create soundscapes. UMG will respect artist copyrights under this new deal.

While this new AI music deal will respect the rights of the creators, it remains to be seen if artists will continue to enjoy the same rights in the future. While AI can be a helpful technology in many ways, a lot of creatives and other job industries are worried about the implications of the technology. Since AI has become more widely accessible to the average consumer, there has been an overwhelming influx of AI-generated art, music, videos, and much more.

AI music is hardly the only creative frontier that is still being explored. In fact, the major Writer’s Guild of America strike going on right now is partially being held due to disagreements over AI regulations. Stricter regulations on AI seem like an inevitable conclusion in the coming years as the technology becomes more widespread and advanced.

Universal Music Group isn’t the only one embracing AI music technology, as Warner Music Group has also stated its interest in using AI. Some hugely popular musicians are also embracing the artificial intelligence wave. Most notably, recording artist and producer Grimes has encouraged fans to make music using her AI-generated voice.

Grimes launched her own website called Elf. Tech that allows fans to upload themselves singing and use AI to change their voice. Grimes also promised fans who make AI music using her voice would be able to share in the profits from any project they create. Some people have already made music using the Grimes website, including LA-based artist Kito who released a song called “Cold Touch” that Grimes herself shouted out as a “masterpiece.”

While Universal Music Group is interested in using AI in some respects, the company isn’t as laisses-faire about the technology as Grimes. The company has taken legal action against a viral AI collaboration between Drake and the Weeknd. While these AI-generated songs have become popular through various social media platforms, it seems clear the labels won’t be afraid to crack down if the songs involve their artists and become popular.

It seems likely that the AI music trend has the potential to radically change the music industry in the future. Just as writers in Hollywood are fighting for AI regulations, musicians will likely need to do the same thing in the future. While all labels will ideally respect the rights of artists and ensure that AI doesn’t become something that puts creatives out of business, the reality may end up being different.

For now, AI music remains a fun and fairly innocuous tool for most people who use it. While there’s no harm in using an AI to have Drake sing a Kanye West song, there is definitely potential for AI to have negative effects on the industry in the future. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how this technology continues to develop in all industries.