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Universal Music Group Links With Artificial Intelligence In New Controversial Partnership

With the rise of the use of Artificial Intelligence in various fields and industries nowadays, many have been desensitized to the impact that this kind of technology on various jobs and the value of art in general. In music specifically, artists, industry figures, and fans have expressed their opposition to using such tools to create music.

For them, music should be created by humans, and not with technology. Music companies have also laid out their strong stance on the matter as unregulated AI-assisted music and AI-generated song covers have circulated on social media.


Music labels, entertainment companies, and the like have warned AI companies to stop using music streaming platforms as a training ground for AI platforms to replicate artists' voices through songs as it would infringe copyright and artistic laws.

Meanwhile, Universal Music Group, one of the biggest music labels in the world, in a stunning move, collaborated with artificial intelligence company, Endel, in making AI-assisted music.

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Universal Music Group Collaborates With Artificial Intelligence
According to Rolling Stone, Universal Music Group entered into a partnership with Endel to create AI-assisted music with their artists. However, it isn't the AI-music one would expect to listen to on the radio and would trend on TikTok or other social media platforms.

Turns out, Endel and Universal Music Group are partnering with each other to create "functional music" - soundscapes that are for passive listening experiences including sleeping, white noise, and meditation music.

These types of music are already on various streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. What Endel and UMG would do is take "stems" of music provided by the artist and create a specific vibe that would fit the listener's desired feeling or vibe, the publication reports. Grimes and James Blake used Endel in the past already.

Universal Music Group Skeptical Over AI Advantage
Universal Music Group has been upfront about its caution in "embracing" artificial intelligence in the industry. The company reiterated that the music business stakeholders "should draw a hard line" at practices that would possibly infringe on the artists' content and would endanger real art in the industry.

Meanwhile, UMG had been very positive with its expression towards the partnership, emphasizing the "incredible potential of ethical AI as a tool to support and enhance the creativity" of artists, labels, and songwriters, noting that Endel's music is "designed to enhance audience wellness."

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