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UMG Partners With A.I. Generated Soundscape Company Endel

LOS ANGELES (CelebrityAccess) — Universal Music Group announced the launch of a strategic partnership with Endel, a company that uses A.I. to develop personalized audio experiences for use during daily activities to promote health and wellness.

Under the terms of UMG’s deal with Endel, the companies will leverage Endel’s proprietary AI technology to enable UMG artists to create science-backed soundscapes that include both new music and new versions of catalog music.

In the coming months, UMG will announce the first wave of soundscapes under the new agreement.

According to UMG, the initiative will focus on creator rights and make artists a central feature of the creative process instead of letting the A.I. take the reins.

“Endel has been artist- and human-focused from day one. Our goal was always to help people focus, relax, and sleep with the power of sound. AI is the perfect tool for this. Today, seeing our technology being applied to turn your favorite music into functional soundscapes is a dream come true. We’re extremely excited to put Endel AI to work and help UMG build new and exciting offerings to promote wellness and banish the perceived threat around AI,” said Oleg Stavitsky, Endel’s CEO.

Endel’s SoundScapes, which the company says are driven by scientific insights into how music affects our mind-state, are designed to enhance sleep, focus, and other daily activities. Past collaborators with Endel include James Blake, Miguel and Grimes, among others.

“It’s extremely exciting to see UMG embracing artist-driven AI. Endel allows music companies like UMG to draw on the astounding capabilities of AI and functional music while respecting their artists’ rights,” reflects Stavitsky. “In that way, Endel acts more as a collaborator than a tool, giving artists control and freedom while satisfying a real market need for more music that can support their wellbeing.”