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6lack Wants To Put You To Sleep With An AI-Generated ‘Since I Have A Lover’ Soundscape

“It’s always beautiful to see musicians continuously find new ways to bring their artistry to life with each project they release,” Uproxx’s Wongo Okon wrote about 6lack’s March album, Since I Have A Lover. 6lack took that personally, as he teamed with the Berlin-based AI sound wellness company Endel to create a new function for Since I Have A Lover that nobody saw coming.

Last week, 6lack took to Instagram to tease his and Endel’s collaborative “Sounds For Slowing Down” series, including “an ethereal listening experience of my new sleep soundscape” on Thursday, July 6, and Friday, July 7. The sessions will be hosted in-person in Berlin and Los Angeles, as well as within the app.

Per press release, two soundscapes were created from Since I Have A Lover using “scientifically validated AI technology rooted in extensive neuroscience research” with the intent “to help people sleep and focus better.”

“This is about letting people experience my music in a new way,” 6lack said in a statement. “These sounds can be for rest and relaxation, or for helping you feel inspired and creative. It’s for finding a sense of balance in life. Since I Have A Lover has plenty of magical sounds, and combined with Endel’s AI and science, it was easy to create something that felt healing.”

“SIHAL (Endel Sleep Soundscape)” and “SIHAL (Endel Lo-fi Soundscape)” will release on all streaming platforms on July 8 and July 24, respectively. The partnership is described as an extension of 6lack’s mental health advocacy, purposefully occurring during BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month.

These soundscapes could come in handy for 6lack during his upcoming Since I Have A Lover Tour, beginning this October.