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6LACK Partners with Endel to Release Wellness Versions of His Music

R&B singer 6LACK has partnered with Endel for alternate wellness versions of his latest album Since I Have A Lover.

The alternate version of the album promotes restorative rest and mental balance. The sleep version of the album is dropping on July 8, while a second version for focus will drop on July 24. “Preview the sleep-supporting version of ‘Since I Have a Lover‘ with a real-time collective listening session,” reads the announcement on Twitter.

Endel creates ambient music for its users wellness needs, focusing on music for medication, sleep, and focus. 6LACK isn’t the first artist to partner with the wellness company, either.

Both Grimes and James Blake have teamed up to create unique soundscapes in the past. Soundscape music has caused a bit of controversy among the music world, with executives like Lucian Grainge saying it doesn’t belong on DSP services alongside music like Drake or Billie Eilish. Grainge’s argument is that users turning to DSPs for functional music turns away dollars from ‘legitimate artists.’

“Consumers are increasingly being guided by algorithms to lower-quality functional content that in some cases can barely pass for ‘music’,” The CEO told his staff in January 2023 via memo. Endel’s soundscapes are available across multiple DSPs, thanks to a distribution agreement with Warner Music Group.

“This is about letting people experience my music in a new way,” 6LACK adds of the partnership. “These sounds can be for the rest and relaxation, or for helping you feel inspired and creative. It’s for finding a sense of balance in life. Since I Have A Lover has plenty of magical sounds, and combined with Endel’s AI and science, it was easy to create something that felt healing.”

So will soundscape companies forming partnerships with artists to create new album versions be the path forward here? 6LACK will get exposure to new audiences through the partnership, while functional music gains a new function—artist discovery.