Press Clipping
6LACK's New Partnership with Endel Promotes Mental Health Through AI

Grammy-nominated musician 6LACK recently joined forces with the Endel app to introduce a unique element to his latest album, "Since I Have A Lover." In addition to being known for his soulful R&B, 6LACK is an avid mental health advocate, and this project aims to promote self-love and healing to a global audience.

Collaborating with Endel, which utilizes AI technology based on neuroscience research, 6LACK transforms his album into two scientifically engineered soundscapes. The objective is to enhance focus and facilitate restful sleep for listeners.

The first soundscape, "SIHAL (Endel Sleep Soundscape)," launches on July 8th, accompanied by a live pre-listening session hosted by 6LACK on the Endel app. The second soundscape, "SIHAL (Endel Lo-fi Soundscape)," arrives on July 24th, designed for work, study, and creative inspiration.