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Spinnin' Records and Endel Partner to Produce 50 AI-Powered Sleep And Wellness Albums

Pop a bottle of chamomile tea and turn up to this one in your pajamas.

Endel is known for using artificial intelligence to create sonic experiences that help listeners sleep, relax and focus. While much of their work employs generative AI tech, they often partner with recording artists to produce "functional music" with stems inspired by their personal sounds.

Endel has previously ventured into the electronic music realm, joining forces with James Blake for a sleep health album, Richie Hawtin for a "deeper focus" collection, and Kx5 (Kaskade and deadmau5) for a sleep science playlist. Now they've teamed up with the iconic Spinnin' Records to release a staggering collection of 50 albums, the company's "largest and most ambitious project to date," per a press release.

Set to be released weekly, the records will come from a new AI-powered artist, "Spinnin' COSMOS," and will feature the human artists Felguk and VINAI. To kick things off, they've released 1/25th of the albums, Ambient Sleep and Phonk Focus. The other artists set to be included have not been revealed at the time of writing.

When you're ready to crawl into bed, you can check out the first two Endel and Spinnin' Records soundscape albums below.