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Musicians Are Warming to AI, Endel’s Founder Says: Tech Summit

Artists are starting to see AI as an “opportunity and not a threat,” according to Oleg Stavitsky, chief executive officer and co-founder of generative music startup Endel.

Endel has already partnered with Grimes, James Blake and Miguel, with artists becoming more open to AI projects, Stavitsky said during a panel at the Bloomberg Technology Summit in London.

Musical Artists Are Warming to AI, Endel Founder Says (11:30 a.m.)

Musical artists are starting to embrace AI, according to Endel’s Stavitsky.

“Artists themselves are much more open to actually experimenting with this technology, because they see an opportunity rather than a threat,” he said.

Endel takes the original tracks of famous songs, known as “stems,” to create ambient tracks for relaxation or focus — a category Stavitsky said has exploded in popularity on streaming services such as Spotify Technology SA and YouTube.

He also announced a new deal Endel had signed with Rhino, a Warner Music label, to synthesize Roberta Flack’s song Killing Me Softly into three AI-generated soundscapes, which he demonstrated on stage.