Press Clipping

It’s no secret that Roberta Flack’s rendition of “Killing Me Softly With His Song” is a monumental piece of music history. Celebrated by industry giants like Rolling Stone magazine and awarded the prestigious Grammy, it’s a track that has resonated with generations. With over 130 commercial covers, including the unforgettable 1996 version by The Fugees, it is a testament to the song’s enduring appeal.

But imagine experiencing this timeless song in a way you’ve never before. Thanks to a groundbreaking collaboration, that’s now a reality.

In an exciting partnership, Endel, Rhino Entertainment, and Roberta Flack herself have come together to reimagine this classic. Using the song’s original stems, Endel has crafted three distinct soundscape albums tailored for focus, relaxation, and sleep. Each album, rooted in scientific principles, beautifully incorporates elements of Flack’s iconic vocals and sounds, presenting them in unique sonic arrangements.

Harnessing the potential of AI, these albums showcase a fascinating reimagining of Flack’s masterpiece. The rich tapestry of sounds from the original track is expertly repurposed, enabling fans to experience its haunting vocals, rolling bass, and more in an entirely novel way.

Oleg Stavitsky, the driving force behind Endel, spoke enthusiastically about this venture. “This collaboration represents a first for Endel. Taking such an iconic soul track and reworking it in this manner was a challenge we undertook with immense respect. As we celebrate the song’s 50th anniversary, we’re thrilled with the outcome. It demonstrates Endel’s capability to craft functional music that truly resonates with listeners while honoring the original artists.”

Suzanne Koga, Roberta Flack’s personal manager, weighed in on the collaboration’s significance. “Roberta has always championed music as a force for change. Her vision in 2010 with the Roberta Flack Foundation highlighted that. This collaboration is a new frontier, marrying music and AI to enhance people’s lives, and Roberta is ecstatic to be at the forefront of this evolution.”

This pioneering project is part of Endel’s broader strategic alliance with Warner Music Group (WMG). With access to WMG’s impressive catalog, Endel is set to transform more iconic music into functional soundscapes. As a testament to this, fans can anticipate the release of three innovative versions of WAR’s seminal 1972 album “The World Is a Ghetto” on November 10th. These releases, marking the album’s 50th year anniversary, will focus on sleep, relaxation, and lofi beats soundscapes.

As music continually evolves and intersects with technology, this collaboration stands as a testament to the endless possibilities ahead. The fusion of classic tracks with contemporary needs ensures that these timeless pieces continue to enrich our lives in new, unexpected ways.