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James Blake and AI-Powered Endel Collab on Fresh Chillout Soundscapes

Endel and James Blake bring AI-powered technology to Blake’s newest album, Playing Robots Into Heaven.

Endel, a German artificial intelligence music and wellness company, has once again collaborated with post-dubstep modular synth mastermind James Blake. Their previous joint effort, Wind Down, surfaced in 2022, heralding a blend of Blake’s synths with a dreamy ambient twist. Now, they have reimagined tracks from the 2024 GRAMMY nominee’s September album, Playing Robots Into Heaven. The result is Playing Robots Into Heaven (Endel Chillout Soundscape), which dropped on November 10.

Endel’s AI-powered technology is informed by neuroscience. The world as we know it has become filled with distractions, and the company works with musicians to create variations of their music that promote the wellness of their listeners. Endel collaborates with artists by morphing the stems of their tracks into ambient compositions tailored for concentration, sleep, and relaxation. You can easily identify these themes in the James Blake album.

Playing Robots Into Heaven (Endel Chillout Soundscape) brings an ambient vibe to five songs from James Blake’s sixth studio album.

The tracks featured on the collaboration are “Tell Me,” “Fire The Editor,” “Asking to Break,” “I Want You To Know,” and “Night Sky.” Each tune 3is sliced into four parts, resulting in a 20-track album. In “Tell Me – Pt. 1 / Endel Chill Soundscape,” for instance, the listener can hear a lighter version of the original track’s intro. Throughout the remaining three parts, an attentive ear can identify pieces of the track uniquely blended with the relaxed soundscape. Throughout each part of “I Want You To Know – Pt. 4 / Endel Chill Soundscape,” one familiar with James Blake’s work can easily identify his unique voice.

Endel has collaborated with other artists such as Grimes, Kx5, and Miguel. They have also announced a partnership with Spinnin’ Records in which they will create 50 AI-generated playlists suited for sleep, focus, physical activity, and overall wellness.

Some have hesitated to embrace the recent commercial rise of AI. Oleg Stavitsky, the CEO of Endel, explained that “artists themselves are much more open to actually experimenting with this technology because they see an opportunity rather than a threat.”

Endel also has an app that sits at the forefront of AI sound technology intended to impact users’ lives through focus playlists. Studies show that listeners have seven times as much focus and productivity.

Playing Robots Into Heaven (Endel Chillout Soundscape) is available for streaming on Spotify. Check out the Endel app today.