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Sia & Endel launch two new soundscape albums

Endel and Atlantic Records release scientifically backed Sleep and Lofi albums based on the EP ‘Gimme Christmas’ from one of the world’s biggest superstars

This holiday season, Endel is giving the gift of Christmas calm with the release of two versions of Sia’s recent Christmas EP, “Gimme Christmas.” The Grammy-award winning artist is known for her soaring vocals and innovative songwriting with more than 50 billion streams worldwide from hits such as “Unstoppable,” “Cheap Thrills,” and “Chandelier” – Sia is the latest artist to have music reworked by Endel into functional soundscape albums.

Inspired by the joyful, festive energy of songs like “Snowman,” “Santa’s Coming For Us,” as well as her newest song, the global chart-topping anthem “Gimme Love,” Sia’s original holiday tracks have been reworked into seasonal soundscapes to remind us all of how calm and cozy this time of year can be. Endel soundscapes are designed to decrease stress and support chill-time and sleep, the perfect antidote to too much hustle and bustle or the challenge of exams. Using audio stems from the original tracks, Endel transformed them using its proprietary AI-powered technology and in-house sound team to give the songs a scientifically guided functional twist.

The first of the two releases is “Gimme Christmas (Endel Lofi Soundscape)”, which takes the original tracks and reimagines them in a laid-back, lofi vibe, creating the ultimate backdrop for cozy gatherings, reflective moments, or simply unwinding with loved ones.

Sia’s holiday songs, recently re-released as “Gimme Christmas,” have already become staples in the seasonal music catalog. “Snowman” is one of the top 10 most-streamed Christmas songs of all time. Now, these contemporary Christmas favorites can be enjoyed in the form of two new unique listening experiences.

To celebrate the release, Endel will be hosting a series of audiovisual experiences inside the Endel app for iOS and Android from December 14th, as part of their “Endel Moments” series.

“Gimme Christmas (Lofi Soundscape)” will be released on all major streaming platforms on December 4th, followed by “Gimme Christmas (Sleep Soundscape)” on December 11th.