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Endel is a sound wellness company headquartered in Berlin. Founded by a collective of imaginative developers and artists, Endel is democratizing wellness by making it accessible to all.
Endel runs a cross-platform ecosystem of AI-powered apps that create personalized, functional soundscapes to help people focus, relax, and sleep. Endel’s patented ...

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Snr PR Strategist
Jonathan Streetman

Roberta Flack and Endel release three soundscape albums of “Killing Me Softly With His Song” to celebrate the song’s 50th anniversary

In collaboration with Rhino Entertainment, Endel’s AI technology reimagines the classic song as soundscapes for focus, relaxation, and sleep.

OCTOBER 24, 2023 - Roberta Flack’s Grammy-award winning recording is frequently listed as one of the greatest songs of all time by the likes of Rolling Stone magazine. Her version is the definitive interpretation of a song that has been commercially covered more than 130 times, including the iconic 1996 version by The Fugees. Now this timeless song can be experienced in a completely new way – reconfigured by Endel as soundscapes designed to support daily life.  

Together with Rhino Entertainment and Roberta Flack, Endel has released three soundscape albums built from the original stems of “Killing Me Softly With His Song:” one for focus and productivity, the second for relaxation, and a third for sleep. Based on scientific principles, each album has a distinct sonic style according to its function, and is woven with instantly recognisable vocals and sounds from Flack’s original song. 

Respectfully repurposing the wealth of sounds in Flack’s original recording via AI, these soundscapes bring out entirely new facets of the beloved classic, showing how powerful and surprising it can be when well-known tracks are transformed into functional soundscapes. Fans will experience the rolling bass, haunting vocals, and other elements in a whole new way.

Oleg Stavitsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Endel says about the collaboration: “Roberta Flack’s song is a Soul masterpiece, and this is the first time that Endel has reworked a classic song in this way. We strived to treat the source material with utmost respect and wanted to create something special for the song’s 50th anniversary. We love the end result and we see this as further proof that Endel can create functional music that benefits both artists and their listeners.” 

Roberta’s personal manager, Suzanne Koga adds: “Roberta has always believed in the power of music to shape and inspire change. In 2010 when she created the Roberta Flack Foundation, she never dreamed of a world where she could participate in a functional music program that could help people improve the quality of their lives. The new frontiers of AI and functional music give Roberta a new door of opportunity to step through as a part of the future of music and technology in a way that helps the world to grow.” 

These three releases in collaboration with Rhino Entertainment are further fruits from Endel’s strategic partnership with Warner Music Group (WMG), with Endel reworking iconic music past and present from the group’s illustrious catalog into functional music. 

More reimagined classics from Rhino Entertainment will follow, with Endel releasing three new functional versions of WAR’s seminal 1972 album “The World Is a Ghetto”, on November 10th. This special release will be part of the album’s 50th year anniversary celebrations, and will be transformed into sleep, relaxation, and lofi beats soundscapes.

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Endel is an AI sound wellness company headquartered in Berlin. It uses patented AI technology to create soundscapes for sleep, focus, and relaxation, across an ecosystem of award-winning apps, and on digital streaming platforms. Its scientifically-validated sounds, created with top artists including Grimes, James Blake, and Miguel, have drawn an audience of 3 million monthly listeners/users across its platforms. A pioneering leader in AI and functional music, Endel has partnered with leading DSPs, Amazon Music and Apple Music, and with established labels including Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, AWAL & Future Classic.




Rhino is the catalogue development and marketing division of Warner Music Group. Founded in 1978, Rhino continues to set the standard for excellence in the reissue business it pioneered in both the physical and digital worlds with an emphasis on flawless sound quality, bonus tracks, informative liner notes, award-winning creative packaging, and a strong social conscience. Rhino has also expanded the definition of what a catalogue music company is, as evidenced by the label’s name and likeness representation deal with Frank Sinatra and its multi-faceted relationship with the Grateful Dead. The catalogue of more than 5,000 releases includes material by Led Zeppelin, Eagles, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Aretha Franklin, The Doors,Chicago, Ray Charles, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Yes, Phil Collins, The Ramones, and The Monkees, among many others.